The URSA 200 quantitative package is fully integrated into the main analyzer program. It provides quantitative composition of a bulk polished specimen after the spectrum has been acquired.

  • The speed and convenience of operation are unparalleled. The elements for quantitation are automatically selected by the qualitative program (with manual override).
  • Accuracyis achieved through background removal and peak deconvolution without operator intervention.
  • Automation: The operator is only required to confirm the acquisition conditions (microscope kV, geometry, detector window). The last settings used automatically become a default for the next analysis, so for a routine operation the results can be obtained with just two mouse clicks. These settings are stored with the spectra, so when saved spectra are processed, the settings are automatically correct.
  • Separate detector response curves are stored for every detector window.
  • Short and straightforward standardization procedure allows the operator to further improve the accuracy by tailoring the system to his particular detector response. Several elements can be standardized simultaneously when composite standards are used.
  • The operator is not required to mount a reference standard with the analyzed sample, nor is he required to maintain a constant spot size.

Graphical Results

Normalized results are displayed in less than 1 second either in numerical or a selection of graphical forms. The results are readily available to other applications by a Copy command.

Quantitative Package Specifications

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