With URSA 200, pulse processing is optimized not only for the current signal conditions, but also for the current detector noise. Less hardware means less thermal drift and less noise.

With hardware reduced to a minimum, so is the probability of a failure. Users enjoy many years of trouble-free operation.

URSA 200 is the only system that combines spectrum and image acquisition on a single board. For the user, this means less cables in the lab.

URSA 200 performs all its real time tasks right in the PC, making upgrading simple and inexpensive. Users benefit from all the advantages of more powerful PCs, as they become available in the future.

URSA 200 is the cost effective choice. Savings are realized not only at the time of purchase, but also long term, through reduced maintenance and upgrade costs.

URSA 200 : Next Generation Technology!

URSA 200 represents a quantum leap in EDS technology. After the shift from dedicated EDS computers to PC workstations, and from analog to digital pulse processing, URSA 200 raises the bar again by introducing the first processor-less system.

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