URSA 200 can achieve a throughput of 60,000 cps. A wide range of countrates imposes stringent requirements on the stability of the spectral shape and position. Unlike conventional EDX systems that attempt to ameliorate instability by tweaking numerous adjustments on site, URSA's exceptional stability is guaranteed by design. Thermal drift is kept to a minimum thanks to hardware that dissipates virtually no heat as it consumes minimal amounts of power. Peak position is stabilized over the range of countrates using the proven zero strobe technique, and peak shape is kept constant throughout the analysis due to fixed processing time constants. Moreover, the shape of peaks is known with great precision since zero strobe information is available in real time. This is particularly beneficial for light element analysis. URSA 200 can be supplied with an optional premium resolution super light element detector capable of detecting elements down to Beryllium.

The second generation software was developed based on decades of EM and EDX experience and with ease of operation in mind. Many of the features were integrated from our highly popular URSA 100 analyzer. Fast and accurate automatic element identification, dual independent zoom windows, spectrum comparison tool and window integrals are just a few of the many features that are easily accessible through menus or dedicated toolbar buttons. If spectrum acquisition results in insufficient statistics, acquisition can be resumed cumulatively and termination conditions updated with a single click of a button. Even first time users find URSA 200 easy and intuitive!

Qualitative package specifications

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